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Jumbo Electronics technicians achieve top honors in MEA region’s LGE skill level evaluation

Technicians of Jumbo Electronics with the prestigious level 5 ranking award.

Doha, Qatar: Jumbo Electronics, a prominent distributor and service provider for LG Electronics (LGE) products in the State of Qatar for the past four decades, remains committed to enhancing its technical team’s skills, rapid support capabilities, and customer relations to provide top-notch customer service.

Through unwavering dedication to technical skill development, Jumbo Electronics has achieved a remarkable milestone in the LGE Skill Level Evaluation program of 2023.

Five of its technicians have achieved the prestigious Level 5 ranking, the highest accolade within LGE’s evaluation framework.

The LGE Skill Evaluation test spans the MEA region and is meticulously assessed by LGE’s expert technical team. In the year 2023, a total of 1,269 technicians participated in this comprehensive evaluation program, spanning various categories such as Repair, Installation, and ID B2B.

The evaluation process commences with a written examination, followed by the assessment of the highest-ranking individuals through a practical repair test.

Here, technicians are required to resolve test repairs and articulate their repair analysis process.

Successful candidates then undergo one-on-one interviews with the LGE training team to further identify the best talents.

CV Rappai, Director & CEO of Jumbo Electronics, emphasises, “The future belongs to those who acquire a best of best skill set and combine them with creative approaches to exceed customer expectations at every interaction.”


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